Structural Bioinformatics Library
Template C++ / Python API for developping structural bioinformatics applications.
Integrated Analysis


 Binding_affinity_prediction is package implementing a complete workflow to predict affinities from geometrical and biophysical parameters using bound and unbound crystallographic structures. It generates and evaluates linear models using various combinations of these parameters and selects the most accurate ones. Reference ManualUser Manual . Authors: S. Marillet and P. Boudinot and F. Cazals
 A package to build biased HMMs by exploiting the results of Structural motifs. Reference ManualUser Manual . Authors: R. Tetley and F. Cazals
 Gene ranking based on random walk with restarts in Protein Protein Interaction Networks Reference ManualUser Manual . Authors: F. Cazals and A. Jean-Marie and D. Mazauric and J. Roux and G. Sales Santa Cruz
 A package to identify almost rigid regions in complex biomolecules Reference ManualUser Manual . Authors: M. Simsir and F. Cazals
 MISA provide a coloring of interface strings ie amino acids found at interfaces with various biological and biophysical quantities. Reference ManualUser Manual . Authors: S. Bereux and F. Cazals


Applications combining several ingredients from the previous groups.