What is the SBL ?

The Structural Bioinformatics Library (SBL) is a generic C++ / Python library, providing models and algorithms for structural bioinformatics, so as to foster our understanding of the relationship between the structure and the function of macro-molecules and their complexes.

Its design accommodates various molecular geometric models coding the physical and chemical properties of macro-molecular structures, and the variety of operations undertaken on these models.

Software components of the SBL are organized into four categories:

Applications : packages for end-users, providing programs targetting specific biophysical problems.

Core : low-level generic C++ classes for algorithms and data structures.

Models : C++ models matching the C++ concepts required to instantiate classes from Core.

Modules : components used to define the workflow of applications. Modules are C++ classes parameterized by classes from the Core and Models.

The SBL runs on most Unix systems (Linux and MacOS), and also on Windows.