Why adopt the SBL ?

For Biologists:
  • comprehensive in silico environment providing applications,
  • answering complex bio-physical problems,
  • in a robust, fast and reproducible way.
For Developers:
  • broad C++/python toolbox,
  • with modular design and carefull specifications,
  • fostering the development of complex applications.


What is the SBL ?

The Structural Bioinformatics Library (SBL) is a Template C++/Python library for solving structural biology problems. The SBL provides programs (executables) for end-users and a rich framework todevelop novel applications.

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Getting the SBL ?

The SBL is under Git, and tarballs are available for stable realeases. The license is free for research and academics.

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Using the SBL ?

An online documentation is available, with user-friendly manuals, detailed reference manuals and tutorials.

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The SBL is now available !

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