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T_Unbonded_particles_with_threshold_visitor< CovalentStructure, ConformationType > Class Template Reference

Defines iterator over all distinct pairs of particles. More...

#include <Molecular_potential_energy.hpp>


class  Is_under_threshold

Public Types

typedef T_Unbonded_particles_with_threshold_visitor< CovalentStructure, ConformationType > Self
typedef CovalentStructure Covalent_structure
typedef ConformationType Conformation
typedef SBL::Models::T_Conformation_traits< ConformationConformation_traits
typedef Conformation_traits::FT FT
typedef T_Unbonded_particles_visitor< CovalentStructure > Visitor_base
typedef Visitor_base::Iterator Iterator_base
typedef boost::filter_iterator< Is_under_threshold, Iterator_baseIterator

Static Public Member Functions

static void set_threshold (const FT &threshold)
static void set_geometry (const Conformation &C)
static Iterator begin (const CovalentStructure &S)
static Iterator end (const CovalentStructure &S)

Detailed Description

template<class CovalentStructure, class ConformationType>
class SBL::CSB::T_Unbonded_particles_with_threshold_visitor< CovalentStructure, ConformationType >

Defines iterator over all distinct pairs of particles.

Defines iterator over all distinct pairs of particles. It also implements a threshold over which pairs of particles are not considered.

Template Parameters
CovalentStructureThe type of the input covalent structure, as defined in the package Molecular_covalent_structure
ConformationTypeRepresentation of a geometric conformation

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Conformation

typedef ConformationType Conformation

◆ Conformation_traits

◆ Covalent_structure

typedef CovalentStructure Covalent_structure

◆ FT

typedef Conformation_traits::FT FT

◆ Iterator

typedef boost::filter_iterator<Is_under_threshold, Iterator_base> Iterator

◆ Iterator_base

◆ Self

typedef T_Unbonded_particles_with_threshold_visitor<CovalentStructure, ConformationType> Self

◆ Visitor_base

typedef T_Unbonded_particles_visitor<CovalentStructure> Visitor_base

Member Function Documentation

◆ begin()

T_Unbonded_particles_with_threshold_visitor< CovalentStructure, ConformationType >::Iterator begin ( const CovalentStructure &  S)

◆ end()

T_Unbonded_particles_with_threshold_visitor< CovalentStructure, ConformationType >::Iterator end ( const CovalentStructure &  S)

◆ set_geometry()

static void set_geometry ( const Conformation C)

◆ set_threshold()

static void set_threshold ( const FT threshold)