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T_Buried_surface_area_without_label< ParticleTraits, FT > Class Template Reference

Compute the buried surface area of two given partners. More...

#include <Buried_surface_area.hpp>

Public Types

typedef T_Buried_surface_area_without_label< ParticleTraits, FT > Self
typedef T_Alpha_complex_of_molecular_model< ParticleTraits > Alpha_complex
 Derived class from CGAL alpha-complex for filling it with particles. More...

Public Member Functions

 T_Buried_surface_area_without_label (Alpha_complex &alpha_complex)
template<class InputIterator >
 T_Buried_surface_area_without_label (InputIterator begin, InputIterator end, const typename Alpha_complex::FT &alpha=0)
 ~T_Buried_surface_area_without_label (void)
template<class IsInPartner >
FT operator() (const IsInPartner &is_in_partner=IsInPartner()) const

Detailed Description

template<class ParticleTraits, class FT = CGAL::Interval_nt<false>>
class SBL::CSB::T_Buried_surface_area_without_label< ParticleTraits, FT >

Compute the buried surface area of two given partners.

Compute the buried surface area of two given partners

Template Parameters
ParticleTraitsModel of the concept ParticleTraits.
FTNumber type used for representing the buried surface area (default is intervals of double).

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Alpha_complex

Derived class from CGAL alpha-complex for filling it with particles.

It uses ParticleTraits for determining the geometrical kernel used for the representation and computation of the $\alpha$-complex, and for attaching atom data to their corresponding vertex.

Template Parameters
ParticleTraitsTraits class defining geometric properties of a particle.
TAlphaComplexVertexBaseBase class for representing a vertex in the 3D $\alpha$-complex. It has SBL::CSB::T_Alpha_complex_vertex_base_3 as default type.
TAlphaComplexCellBaseBase class for representing a cell in the 3D $\alpha$-complex. It has SBL::CSB::T_Alpha_complex_cell_base_3 as default type.
TAlphaComplexBaseBase template representation of the $\alpha$-complex it-self without biological context. It allows to switch easily between the class CGAL::Fixed_alpha_shape_3 and the class CGAL::Alpha_shape_3. It has SBL::CSB::T_Alpha_complex_base_3 as default type, that is a wrapper for using both CGAL data structures.

◆ Self

typedef T_Buried_surface_area_without_label<ParticleTraits, FT> Self

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ T_Buried_surface_area_without_label() [1/2]

◆ T_Buried_surface_area_without_label() [2/2]

T_Buried_surface_area_without_label ( InputIterator  begin,
InputIterator  end,
const typename Alpha_complex::FT alpha = 0 

◆ ~T_Buried_surface_area_without_label()

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

FT operator() ( const IsInPartner &  is_in_partner = IsInPartner()) const