Structural Bioinformatics Library
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T_Alpha_complex_of_molecular_model< ParticleTraits, TAlphaComplexVertexBase, TAlphaComplexCellBase, TAlphaComplexBase > Class Template Reference

Derived class from CGAL alpha-complex for filling it with particles. More...

#include <Alpha_complex_of_molecular_model.hpp>


 T_Alpha_complex_of_molecular_model (const FT &alpha=0.)
 T_Alpha_complex_of_molecular_model (Triangulation_of_molecular_model &T, const FT &alpha=0.)


Particle_vertex_handle insert (const typename Base::Point &p)
Particle_vertex_handle insert (typename ParticleTraits::Particle_type &p)

Detailed Description

template<class ParticleTraits, template< class Traits, class Vb, class ExactAlphaComparisonTag, class WeightedTag > class TAlphaComplexVertexBase = T_Alpha_complex_vertex_base_3, template< class Traits, class Cb, class ExactAlphaComparisonTag, class WeightedTag > class TAlphaComplexCellBase = T_Alpha_complex_cell_base_3, template< class Dt, class AlphaExactComparisonTag > class TAlphaComplexBase = T_Alpha_complex_base_3>
class SBL::CSB::T_Alpha_complex_of_molecular_model< ParticleTraits, TAlphaComplexVertexBase, TAlphaComplexCellBase, TAlphaComplexBase >

Derived class from CGAL alpha-complex for filling it with particles.

It uses ParticleTraits for determining the geometrical kernel used for the representation and computation of the $\alpha$-complex, and for attaching atom data to their corresponding vertex.

Template Parameters
ParticleTraitsTraits class defining geometric properties of a particle.
TAlphaComplexVertexBaseBase class for representing a vertex in the 3D $\alpha$-complex. It has SBL::CSB::T_Alpha_complex_vertex_base_3 as default type.
TAlphaComplexCellBaseBase class for representing a cell in the 3D $\alpha$-complex. It has SBL::CSB::T_Alpha_complex_cell_base_3 as default type.
TAlphaComplexBaseBase template representation of the $\alpha$-complex it-self without biological context. It allows to switch easily between the class CGAL::Fixed_alpha_shape_3 and the class CGAL::Alpha_shape_3. It has SBL::CSB::T_Alpha_complex_base_3 as default type, that is a wrapper for using both CGAL data structures.