Structural Bioinformatics Library
Template C++ / Python API for developping structural bioinformatics applications.
T_Name_and_radius_annotations< FT, AnnotationsBase > Struct Template Reference

Base annotations for a default atom (name and radius). More...

#include <Radius_annotator_for_particles_with_annotated_name.hpp>

Public Attributes

FT radius
std::string name

Detailed Description

template<class FT, class AnnotationsBase>
struct SBL::Models::T_Name_and_radius_annotations< FT, AnnotationsBase >

Base annotations for a default atom (name and radius).

This way is used for the user to be able to specify any kind of annotation regardless the radius and name. These annotations will be always available for annotated particles (Default and Coarse). If no other annotation is specified, the partial template specialization overide the inheritence from void.

Member Data Documentation

◆ name

std::string name

◆ radius

FT radius