Structural Bioinformatics Library
Template C++ / Python API for developping structural bioinformatics applications.
T_Cluster_engine_Morse_theory_based< PointType, DistanceFunction, TNNQuery, TGetDensity > Class Template Reference

Morse theory based clustering algorithm. More...

#include <Cluster_engine_Morse_theory_based.hpp>


 T_Cluster_engine_Morse_theory_based (void)


template<class InputIterator , class OutputIterator >
OutputIterator operator() (InputIterator begin, InputIterator end, OutputIterator out)

Internal Methods

template<class InputIterator >
void set_cluster_number (InputIterator begin, InputIterator end, unsigned i, std::vector< int > &clusters) const
bool is_nng_connected (const Graph &G) const


template<class InputIterator >
std::ostream & dump_clusters (InputIterator begin, InputIterator end, std::ostream &out) const
template<class PointsIterator , class ClustersIterator >
void report (PointsIterator p_begin, PointsIterator p_end, ClustersIterator c_begin, ClustersIterator c_end, const std::string &prefix) const

Command line options

static void set_number_of_neighbors (unsigned n)
template<class OptionsDescription >
static void add_options (OptionsDescription &options)
static bool check_options (std::string &message)
static std::string get_output_prefix (void)

Detailed Description

template<class PointType, class DistanceFunction, template< class D > class TNNQuery, template< class G > class TGetDensity>
class SBL::GT::T_Cluster_engine_Morse_theory_based< PointType, DistanceFunction, TNNQuery, TGetDensity >

Morse theory based clustering algorithm.

Template Parameters
PointTypeRepresentation of a geometrical point.
NNQueryNearest neighbors engine.
TGetDensityTemplate functor returning the density of a point in a nearest neighbor graph.