Structural Bioinformatics Library
Template C++ / Python API for developping structural bioinformatics applications.
T_Least_RMSD_cartesian_with_chirality< Conformation, GetParticle, MolecularAlignment > Class Template Reference

Model of Distances for defining distance between two conformations. More...

#include <Least_RMSD_cartesian.hpp>

Public Types

typedef T_Least_RMSD_cartesian_with_chirality< Conformation, GetParticle, MolecularAlignment > Self
typedef T_Least_RMSD_cartesian< Conformation, GetParticle, MolecularAlignment > Base
typedef Base::Point Point
typedef Base::Conformation_traits Conformation_traits
typedef Base::FT FT
typedef GetParticle::Particle_rep Particle_rep

Public Member Functions

FT operator() (const Conformation &p, const Conformation &q)
void set_alignment (Molecular_alignment_default &alignment)
void set_get_particle (T_Get_particle_default< Conformation, CGAL::Cartesian< double >::Point_3 > &get_particle)

Detailed Description

template<class Conformation, class GetParticle = T_Get_particle_default<Conformation, CGAL::Cartesian<double>::Point_3 >, class MolecularAlignment = Molecular_alignment_default>
class SBL::CSB::T_Least_RMSD_cartesian_with_chirality< Conformation, GetParticle, MolecularAlignment >

Model of Distances for defining distance between two conformations.

NT: should be (double, float, or even complex)

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Base

typedef T_Least_RMSD_cartesian<Conformation, GetParticle, MolecularAlignment> Base

◆ Conformation_traits

◆ FT

typedef Base::FT FT

◆ Particle_rep

typedef GetParticle::Particle_rep Particle_rep

◆ Point

typedef Base::Point Point

◆ Self

typedef T_Least_RMSD_cartesian_with_chirality<Conformation, GetParticle, MolecularAlignment> Self

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

T_Least_RMSD_cartesian_with_chirality< Conformation, GetParticle, MolecularAlignment >::FT operator() ( const Conformation &  p,
const Conformation &  q 

◆ set_alignment()

void set_alignment ( Molecular_alignment_default alignment)

◆ set_get_particle()

void set_get_particle ( T_Get_particle_default< Conformation, CGAL::Cartesian< double >::Point_3 > &  get_particle)