Structural Bioinformatics Library
Template C++ / Python API for developping structural bioinformatics applications.
Extra_label_traits::Primitive_label_classifier Struct Reference

Functor returning a pair classifying a particle. More...

#include <Extra_label_traits.hpp>

Public Member Functions

bool set_options (boost::program_options::options_description &options) const
bool check_options (std::string &message) const
std::string get_output_prefix (void) const
bool load (unsigned verbose, std::ostream &out)
template<class Particle >
std::pair< bool, Labeloperator() (const Particle &p) const

Detailed Description

Functor returning a pair classifying a particle.

The first member is always true, since it is not possible to determine independently if p is an extra. The second member is the extra label.

Member Function Documentation

◆ check_options()

bool check_options ( std::string &  message) const

◆ get_output_prefix()

std::string get_output_prefix ( void  ) const

◆ load()

bool load ( unsigned  verbose,
std::ostream &  out 

◆ operator()()

std::pair<bool, Label> operator() ( const Particle &  p) const

◆ set_options()

bool set_options ( boost::program_options::options_description &  options) const