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T_Polypeptide_chain_representation< ParticleTraits, MolecularCovalentStructure, ConformationType >::Dihedral_angle Class Reference

Representation of a proper dihedral angle between four atoms. More...

#include <Polypeptide_chain_representation.hpp>

Public Member Functions

Bond get_left_bond ()
 Return the leftmost bond. More...
Bond get_center_bond ()
 Return the central bond. More...
Bond get_right_bond ()
 Return the rightmost bond. More...
const Atomget_left_atom () const
 Return the leftmost atom. More...
const Atomget_left_center_atom () const
 Return the second left atom. More...
const Atomget_right_center_atom () const
 Return the second right atom. More...
const Atomget_right_atom () const
 Return the rightmost atom. More...
FT get_dihedral_angle () const
 Return the value of this angle. More...

Detailed Description

template<class ParticleTraits, class MolecularCovalentStructure = SBL::CSB::T_Molecular_covalent_structure<SBL::CSB::T_Particle_info_for_proteins<ParticleTraits> >, class ConformationType = std::vector<SBL::CSB::EPIC_kernel_with_atom::FT>>
class SBL::CSB::T_Polypeptide_chain_representation< ParticleTraits, MolecularCovalentStructure, ConformationType >::Dihedral_angle

Representation of a proper dihedral angle between four atoms.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_center_bond()

Bond get_center_bond ( )

Return the central bond.

◆ get_dihedral_angle()

FT get_dihedral_angle ( ) const

Return the value of this angle.

◆ get_left_atom()

const Atom& get_left_atom ( ) const

Return the leftmost atom.

◆ get_left_bond()

Bond get_left_bond ( )

Return the leftmost bond.

◆ get_left_center_atom()

const Atom& get_left_center_atom ( ) const

Return the second left atom.

◆ get_right_atom()

const Atom& get_right_atom ( ) const

Return the rightmost atom.

◆ get_right_bond()

Bond get_right_bond ( )

Return the rightmost bond.

◆ get_right_center_atom()

const Atom& get_right_center_atom ( ) const

Return the second right atom.