Structural Bioinformatics Library
Template C++ / Python API for developping structural bioinformatics applications.
parameters Class Reference

#include <parameters.h>

Public Member Functions

 parameters ()
 parameters (int iter, int node, double time, double eps, float ub=SBL_APURVA_INFINITY)
 ~parameters ()

Public Attributes

int max_iteration
int max_node
double time_limit
double epsilon
float limit_lb
float gamma
float theta

Detailed Description

Parameters Class. Contain all parameters needed to run a Branch and bound solver.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ parameters() [1/2]

parameters ( )

Default Constructor, usualy for root problem

◆ parameters() [2/2]

parameters ( int  iter,
int  node,
double  time,
double  eps,

Constructor not used anymore, should be removed...

◆ ~parameters()

~parameters ( )


Member Data Documentation

◆ epsilon

double epsilon

Relative gap value allowed. For exact solving, epsilon = 0 (default).

◆ gamma

float gamma

Gamma parameters, needed for the computation of the lambda update step

◆ limit_lb

float limit_lb

not used anymore, should be removed

◆ max_iteration

int max_iteration

Maximum iteration number of sub-gradient descent for each problem / sub-problem.

◆ max_node

int max_node

Maximum visited node number during the Branch and Bound process.

◆ theta

float theta

Theta parameters, used to dynamicaly change Gamma during Sub-Gradient Descent process.

◆ time_limit

double time_limit

Maximum computation time allowed for the Branch and Bound process.