Structural Bioinformatics Library
Template C++ / Python API for developping structural bioinformatics applications.
AB_label_traits Member List

This is the complete list of members for AB_label_traits, including all inherited members.

A_LABEL enum valueT_AB_label_traits< Dummy >
B_LABEL enum valueT_AB_label_traits< Dummy >
get_number_of_labels(void)T_AB_label_traits< Dummy >inlinestatic
get_number_of_primitive_labels(void)T_AB_label_traits< Dummy >inlinestatic
get_parent_of(Label label)T_AB_label_traits< Dummy >inlinestatic
Label enum nameT_AB_label_traits< Dummy >
Self typedefT_AB_label_traits< Dummy >
to_string(Label label)T_AB_label_traits< Dummy >inlinestatic